Product Review Monitoring, Management and Big Data Analytics

Users’ general perception of a product is one of the most important elements that brands take into account. The quickest way to find out what consumers think about your brand is to look at the reviews and ratings they do on marketplaces such as Amazon. Monitoring reviews allows you, among other things, to control the

Set the best price for my products: Pricing

One of the most important issues when designing an effective marketing plan is pricing. This idea was defined by the American economist Kent Monroe as “the art and science of understanding how much a customer would be willing to pay for a product or service, trying to get the most out of it”. In order

Structure of the campaigns on Google Shopping

A shopping campaign structure is essential when optimizing a strategy on the Google Shopping portal. The most common thing is to elaborate the campaign structure based on the same pattern of web architecture – the way your portal is organized – of the online store. Now we are going to see some of the most

Retargeting audiences on Google Shopping, RSLA

Remarketing on Google Shopping is a useful way to reach those users which had previously visited your e-commerce with their mobile devices or computers. The idea is to create an adapted and personalized advertising campaign for those potential consumers who have already browsed your website and who meet certain specific parameters. What is RSLA? Remarketing

Bidding strategies on Google Shopping

Developing a Google Shopping bidding strategy is the best way to run an efficient and effective product campaign on Google. To refresh your memory, let’s remember the different bidding strategies available on Google Shopping: Standard shopping: you can use Enhanced CPC,Clics maximization or ROAS. Smart shopping: here you can apply Maximize conversion value bidding and

Title modification for Google Shopping on Merchant Center

Adding a title in Google Shopping is essential since Google Ads doesn’t allow you to choose the keywords for which you want to display your ads. When designing a title, you have several ways to increase the probability that your products will appear according to certain search terms. Before developing a strategy, we are going

Master the online market of the pet sector

Throughout the millennia, humanity has enjoyed the company of animals. From the domestication of wolves to ensure survival to the use of animals for therapy, the value of animals to human life is evident. Thanks to the increase in purchasing power and quality of life, a pet sector has developed, which is responsible for providing

Update your prices daily on Google Shopping

There is nothing better for your business than having a nice, shiny showcase to display your best products. E-commerces have that showcase in the form of an article search engine, within the biggest search tool, Google. Google Shopping apart from being a display window for your products is also a price comparator. Users use it

Dynamic Pricing: Explode Your Profit Margin

One of the keys to the success of e-commerce is the race to get the best price. The different online shops adjust the prices of their products more and more in order to get more market share. In order to beat the competition it is necessary to compare products in order to implement an ideal

How to sell more in the music sector: instruments, audio, accessories,..

Music is an element that has accompanied us for millennia and has been progressing in parallel with humanity: from Ancient Greece to the concert and music festivals, it is clear that it is a necessary part of human life. Over the centuries, an industry has also developed to satisfy the demand of musical consumption, both