How to track new products in rival stores in the sporting goods industry

Resources · Guides How to track new products in rival stores in the sporting goods industry The sporting goods industry is undoubtedly one of the industries with the most new product launches; both “upgrades” of existing products and new sales items. Something that we can see clearly with the equipment that sports clubs launch every

How to explore trending and new products in the online sporting goods sector

Resources · Guides How to explore trending and new products in the online sporting goods sector One of the main features of the sporting goods industry is the continued use of elite athletes as a central pillar of campaigns and product presentation, due to the great influence they have on the Web. These presentations, like

7 Common Mistakes that cost Sport e-Commerce Millions

More than 65% of purchases in European Union countries have involved sports products or clothing, with more than 70% in the 16-24 age range. This data puts online retailers of sports products as the first choice of purchase for the majority of EU Internet users. Even though trends in Internet shopping have increased in recent

How to obtain the maximum return of your ads for your sports online store?

In order to optimize our campaigns we must have clear from the beginning what the KPIs -or Key Performance Indicators are: they are metrics or statistics to define the performance of our campaigns- of our business. While looking at profitability is not the same as analyzing a business model to look at certain types of

How to make the most of the budget you invest in online ads for sporting ads

This guide is adapted to the sports sector. To learn how to launch a complete online advertising strategy for e-commerce visit our White Papers section, there you will find several free resources that will help you achieve success. About the sports industry As we explained in the study on the sports industry, this sector is

These are the keys to success for top Sports Clubs’ e-stores

Beyond sports competitions, nowadays clubs also compete as brands to exploit around the world, thanks to the fan bases. Globalization, Internet access and the dominance of social media have allowed to multiply exponentially the influence and reach of clubs in different parts of the world. Also, as if it were a multi-million dollar transfer, clubs

Is the purchase department of your sports online store struggling with their theoretical margin?

To improve the performance of your online business it is essential to carry out studies both internally and on the competition and the market; we must remember the competitiveness in the sports goods sector, in which you are operating. These analyses will mark your competitive position and give you a better understanding of how your

Offering the best products at the best prices in your sports e-commerce business: overcoming the challenge

If we analyze the sports goods market, an industry that generated more than 70 billion dollars in the US in 2018, we can instantly observe two very marked characteristics: the enormous competitiveness and saturation, with most brands being suppliers and retailers at the same time, and the verticalization of the sector, due to the great

How can you detect the appearance of new rivals in the so competitive sport industry?

To analyze the competitiveness of an industry like the sporting goods industry we can use the Porter analysis of the Five Forces. This model, created by Michael Eugene Porter, takes into account different factors that will help you have a more complete picture of your business. Porter’s five forces are: The bargaining power of customers

How can you get daily updated prices on rival sporting goods stores?

As a sporting goods business owner you need to have a comprehensive picture of both your vertical and your competitors, as doing so will give you valuable knowledge with which you can apply better prices and be more competitive. Among the actions you have to take to achieve the necessary information about your competitors is