These are the data that the Customer Care team will need for the set-up of your account.

Netrivals is the most convenient solution for you and your team to analyze your product catalog pricing and your sellers’. Medium to enterprise size businesses can benefit from the features of Netrivals automatically collect data on prices, promotions and stock-outs. As a retailer you can now maximize the resources of your company and make the most of your time by avoiding repetitive tasks.

Countries/Markets to monitor

It is important that you take into account the countries where your company operates. Consider carefully the most competitive markets where you’re active in, since these are the ones that require the most attention.

List of retailers

Consider which are your main sellers for each of the markets where your business is active in. It’s alright if you don’t come up with all of them at the very beginning. Netrivals counts with a seller suggestion functionality that will suggest you more potential retailers when you start using the tool.

Product feed

For your account set-up, it is essential to send a valid product feed which meets the requirements specified in Product feed requirements.