Add a new product to your catalog

Find out how to add new products to your catalog in Netrivals.

The manual process of entering your product data

It is very easy to add new products to your catalog. You simply need to go to the Catalog and Connections menu and visit ‘My Catalog‘. Once there, at the top right of the screen there’s the option ‘+ Add products’. You can add products from your own catalog or from a specific retailer, for example. Click this option and a new window will pop up. You see here the form you need to fill in with the information required to add new products.

You need to add the product title, select the brand of that product and add tags if you need to. Then you need to add the external reference and the EAN code. The MPN and ASIN codes are optional. Another required data you need to enter is the MSRP for that product in question. As well as images of it.

Once you’re finished, you can click on ‘Save and add another‘.

Another way to do this is by importing all the data directly from an URL. By hitting the button ‘Import data from URL’ a window will pop up with a writing box. Just paste the URL from where you want to import the product information and hit ‘Import URL’.