Check retailers’ price history

Find out how to evaluate historical price data in Netrivals.

Evaluate historical price data

In addition to the current price of a product, you may also be interested in consulting its price history. With this objective in mind, Netrivals has a graph that shows you in detail the price evolution that has occurred for a specific product on the website of your retailers. You can easily access this chart by going to the ‘Price Index‘ menu and then clicking on the product for which you want to review the price evolution.

Inside the product window you will find the History tab from which you can view the price history. You can get to select the time period for which you want to visualize the evolution of prices. The system already provides some time ranges by default, but you can always define specific time frames by using the ‘Custom Range’ option.

As a default setting, we are going to compare all the prices of our retailers against our own MSRP. However, you can get to select one specific retailer to compare your prices against it.

Also, notice that the graph follows a color code. Lower prices will have a red background, higher prices will have a green background and prices which are about the same are going to have a yellow background.

You can get to see the prices that have been set for a product on a specific date in different retailers. You can visualize this information in complete price values (Price Values) or in percentage points (Diff).

Help: This graph allows you to work with historical data and have a clear overview of what competitors have been doing with the prices of a specific product in Netrivals.

Check the explanation available in the Product detail page section in the Walk-through from our Help Center to get more information on this subject.