Catalog and connections

Find out what you can do in the Catalog and Connections menu from Netrivals.

My Catalog

My Catalog Filters

This section offers an overview of the products available in your catalog. You can filter and view all active products in your catalog and those products that have been removed. Find the title, the MSRP, the total number of EANs for that product, the date that it was added and if its active or inactive.

You can also add new products to your catalog directly from this section by hitting the button at the top right of the screen.

Smart Connections

Smart Connections are suggestions for potential matches based on different attributes: title/title similar/ photo and reference.

Smart Connections

Title/Title similar

  • When the similarity between titles is 60% – 90%, the potential match between products is referred to as Title Similar.
  • When the similarity between such titles is 90 – 100%, then the match is referred to as Title. That is why this sort of match suggestion tends to be so accurate.


  • These are potential matches based on photo similarity.


  • These suggestions for matches are based on similar references other than the EAN code. In situations when identical EAN codes are found, the system matches products automatically, given that this sort of reference is unequivocal.
  • In case any question arises when reviewing your Smart Connections, do not hesitate to contact your Netrivals Customer Care specialist.

Generate new connections from product similarities

For every product you have, we’ll generate automatic connections whenever we find a matching EAN code between your product and your retailer’s product. Nevertheless, bear in mind that sometimes EAN codes might not be availabll. Either because you don’t have it listed in your data catalog or because your retailers do not display those EAN codes. In cases like the last scenario, Netrivals system still looks for titles, pictures and references within your retailers’ websites in order to offer you potential matches that you may want to confirm eventually.

Notice: Automatic connections can only be made when EAN codes are available in your product catalog and on your retailers’ website. If these codes do not exist, the system will generate connection suggestions based on similarity attributes between products.

The easiest way to review such suggestions is to check the Smart Connections in the Manage Menu. Suggestions are displayed in two categories:

My Catalog Filters

The first one (Similarity Suggestions) is where you’ll find all the products, that is to say, the complete set of products for which we have at least one suggestion/potential match that you could approve to generate a new connection in the platform.

My Catalog Filters

The second one is the Suggestions by Attributes. In here you can see how many suggestions exist for each of the retailers displayed, as well as the attribute on which the suggestions has been based.

In order to review any of these suggestions you simply need to click on that specific retailer and that will take you to the list of potential matches established by the platform.

There are two possible ways of reviewing the list of potential matches. Our recommendation is that you first get a glimpse of how accurate the list is. In case most of the suggested matches are accurate, we can leave them as pre-connected and simply select the products that we do not want to connect (discard). In case you’re not that sure about the accuracy of the suggested matches, you can discard all the matches and select only the options you want to get connected (pre-connected).

Tip: The best way to review the list of suggestions in the Smart Connections are is to check the level of accuracy of the matches offered.

Once you’ve reviewed all the list you can process these matches by hitting the button you’ll find below (Process). So when you hit Process all the pre-connected options will become a connection while the discarded ones will be omitted.

This is the way Netrivals has to help you generate connections when automatic connections cannot be made due to missing EAN codes.

Connections Management

This section lets you manage your connections. If after reviewing the connections you notice mistakes, you can always delete such connections by selecting specific products or all of them. The Connection Management enables massive connection deleting.

Here in this section you can see a comparison table between your product’s MSRP and the sales price in every retailer’s website.

  1. You can select this box if you want to delete this connection. You can press the option Delete connections when you’ve selected all the connections you need to remove.
  2. Your product name and the defined MSRP. You can see here if it’s available in stock or not.
  3. Their product. The connected product on the retailer’s website.
  4. The sales price established by the retailer.
  5. Connection manually or automatically made. If it’s a manual connection, it says who made that connection.
  6. When was the connection made.
  7. When was the last time the connection got updated
  8. Diff: difference between your MSRP and the sales price on the retailer’s website. If the difference is negative, it will appear in a red background; on the contrary, if it’s positive it will appear in green.

If you need to check more products, you can filter them using the searching bar at the top of the screen or visit the next page of products connections at the bottom of the comparison table.

Connections History

The connections history is a visual way of checking the volume of connections made and who has done such connections. There’s a line-graph to check the evolution of connection-building throughout time. The color coding in this graph consists of two main colors, black and red, used to differentiate the teams responsible for the connections. Either the User team or Netrivals Team. You can also get to visualize more colors that will represent specific autors/users responsible for a given amount of connections.