Discover the Stores Menu in netRivals and the available options it contains.

You can access to the Stores section through the Direct Web menu. There are two main departments inside the Stores section: My Retailers and Brand Distribution.

My Retailers

Store list

From the Store list tab you can check the following information:

  • How many products have been connected to a specific retailer.
  • How many products of yours are cheaper, more expensive or equal to your MSRP, differentiated by column and color.
  • You can also mark retailers as favorites by clicking on the heart at the left of each of the competitors. This functionality is useful if you intend to perform searches and create reports based on favorite sellers, this is, competitors you tend to check on a more regular basis.

    You can use the button Add new retailer in order to add more retailers you wish to follow, as long as you have not reached your limit. In case you have reached such limit, you’ll need to contact your sales advisor or the Customer Care specialist responsible for your account.


    The Suggested tab is a Netrivals functionality that suggests new retailers for you to track. These sellers are found in Google Shopping according to similarities found across retailers’ catalogs.

    It is worth mentioning that our system scan not only Google Shopping, but also each of the sellers’ sites found online. This combination of information makes it perfect to obtain a complete view of product data in the market, and this is a very remarkable feature of the tool and it is one of the things that differentiate it from other similar tracking platforms.

    Bear in mind that requests for new sellers that need to be scraped from scratch may take 24 to 72 hours to be attended. The truth is that there are lots of factors that influence how long it takes to capture a new site, like the complexity of the site, or even if geolocation is enabled.

    It is also important to notice that once a retailer is added it can also take a day or two until you see connections. It is because our system is still capturing information for nurturing our database and that is the data needed for empowering the Smart Connections. When we are talking about websites that have previously been scraped, this process is much faster given that the information on products is already available and the only step required is a quality check on suggestions for product matching.

    Help: If you get to see few connections with certain retailers, do not panic! Our Customer Care Team is taking care of your account and they constantly revise the state of your connections to ensure their quality. However, any time you notice anything you may understand as an error or you have questions about, do not hesitate to contact your Customer Care specialist and they’ll solve your enquiries as soon as possible.

    Brand Distribution

    This graph helps you analyze how the catalogs of the retailers you are analyzing are distributed by brand. This will help you discern which are the main brands each of your retailers works with. However, keep in mind that such brand distribution is always based on connected products, which may not correspond to 100% of the products available in their catalog.