How to maximize your Brand’s e-commerce sales

When being a brand who wants to sell products online you have different alternatives. The first and most common option as a brand in this regard is trusting a network of retailers to sell your products  online. The second option and one that starts to be more popular among brands is  to sell and reach

How to find out when retailers are selling below your MSRP

Selling online can be a great hustle, as a brand you have to be aware of the competitiveness that retailers are facing nowadays and the pressure that they may be feeling from the consumers to have the best deals and prices. This situation can generate significant differences between the MSRP ( Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)

Direct Web: The ingredient you were missing in your price and product tracking equation

Being an e-commerce business owner can be challenging, you probably have a lot of things on your plate like keeping track of your KPIs such as conversion rates, profit margins, and, of course, your competitiveness in regards to your rivals. With all this to worry about, data capture should not be one of your pains,

How to leverage competitive intel to boost the presence of your online store in Google Shopping?

When looking for a product a lot of people start their research in Google and most of them click on the first options shown. As many of us know, the first options on Google search are usually web page advertisements followed by the best organically positioned websites. However, nowadays we can also see at the

Can brands legally monitor prices?

Nowadays brands are facing both more informed consumers and a growing online market where new stores keep appearing every day.  On the one hand, consumers now take more  time to learn about the products they are willing to buy: from the quality of materials, to the prices, and of course opinions other buyers have about

PPC Campaigns for Ecommerce

How to define and put into action a successful PPC strategy The key questions solved by the expert Álvaro Bautista. Ask me anything Series Álvaro Bautista specialized in Business and Marketing at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After that, he took several advanced online marketing and CRO programs at KSchool. He believes that formal training

Why is it not a good idea to depend on a supplier who extracts most of the data from Google Shopping?

For some time now there has been much discussion about which method is more effective in capturing data that is essential to the world of e-commerce. In most cases, online retailers rely on sources such as Google Shopping to know their competitors’ prices, or employ tools that use this same data source to extract this

Google Shopping is failing across Europe

During this day, a lot of problems have been observed with Google’s price comparator, Google Shopping. At Netrivals we have been carrying out different checks, accessing from different countries such as Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany and through different browsers. Using transactional keywords, that is, those with the highest competition in the auction,

Going beyond EAN codes: The case of the wine industry

The standardization of EAN as the reference code for many of the products that are bought every day represents a significant modernization for all retailers: it has allowed them to categorize their products more easily and has made it possible to study the competition. However, there are sectors where it is not possible to establish

How to explore trending and new products in the online sporting goods sector

One of the main features of the sporting goods industry is the continued use of elite athletes as a central pillar of campaigns and product presentation, due to the great influence they have on the Web. These presentations, like new official kits or even athletes who develop production lines within the brands, have become mass