How Bilua Uses Price Analytics to Optimize Its Performance 

Find out how Bilua uses price analytics to optimize its business performance.

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General data

Bilua is an ecommerce company of products for the family at European level. It was founded in 2012 under the name of Miscota, and in recent years it has managed to reach sales of over €30M and a team of more than 100 people. The company has rapidly expand from one to five online stores. Miscota, Kidits, Carethy, Biuky and Wellindal have presence in more than 25 countries in Europe, including France, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Luxembourg.

How Bilua improves its strategy every day

Bilua has five online stores with an increasingly strong presence in Europe. Its expansion is happening very quickly and, as Pure Player of the market, bets on new tools to improve its daily performance.

The products of the five stores (Miscota, Kidits, Biuky, Carethy and Wellindal) extend to the categories of pets, children, beauty, health and home. That is the reason why they face multiple price and stock changes of their competition every day.


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