How Taurus Performs Market Research at a Pricing Level

Discover how Taurus maximizes its brand performance through market research.

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General data

Taurus Group is a multi-local business group specializing in meeting the needs of households around the world. The group has the following business lines: small household appliances, professional appliances, household goods and DIY. It is an expanding group comprising 17 brands and with presence on all continents. In fact, its extensive distribution network allows it to operate in 80 countries.

How Taurus improves its strategy every day

Taurus has become one of the first companies in the small household appliance sector in Spain, through an important process of national and international expansion. Taurus Group offers solutions to the needs of each consumer in the fields of the small household appliance, the professional appliance, household goods and DIY items.


Corporate group




Business lines

Extensive network



Home appliances



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