How Tradeinn Accelerates Its Sales Growth

Find out how Tradeinn accelerates its sales growth through price analytics.

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About this Success Story

Tradeinn is a pure player multispecialist in sports equipment, with 12 lines of business: running, cycling, swimming, mountain, ski, tennis and paddle, football, diving, sailing and fishing, fitness, sports fashion and equipment for motorcyclists. Currently, this e-commerce sells worldwide and it keeps accelerating its sales growth.

How Tradeinn improves its strategy every day

Tradeinn has over 750,000 products of 1500 top brands in its 13 online stores: Diveinn, Waveinn, Swiminn, Snowinn, Trekkinn, Runnerinn, Bikeinn, Traininn, Smashinn, Goalinn, Motardinn, Dressinn and Outletinn. Their platform comprehends online stores available in 18 countries, 12 currencies, 75 payment methods, 22 local phone numbers and different price rates according to each market.

The Tradeinn team is in a constant process of innovation offering its customers new products and services. In fact, its success is based on the use of ethical values, innovation and business practices focused on customer satisfaction.