Price Insights on the DJ Equipment Industry: US February 2018

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Detailed insights on the sector

This report focuses on the DJ industry in the United States market and includes data about the price change through best-selling products in the following categories: turntables, controllers, headphones and mixers.

The analysis takes into account the actual retail prices in the market for the tracked items across online retailers with an identical product offer. Such retail prices have been benchmarked against the list prices in USD ($) stated by brands in order to find out what the existing price dispersion for those products is within the market.

Price dispersion in brands analysed

The following graph shows the existing price dispersion in each of the brands included in this report. It should be noticed that these figures have been calculated from the set of products selected for this price analysis.

Price analysis of products by categories

Below, we show the results obtained for the selected products in this industry. Details on the following points have been displayed for each one of the items: category, subcategory, brand, number of retailers tracked in each case, comments on the price evolution during the period of analysis, as well as a visual representation of the existing price dispersion between the list price and the minimum retail price found, as well as between list price and the maximum retail price.

Price Insights on the DJ Equipment Industry: US February 2018

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