Alerts page

Learn more about how alerts work and how to set them up.

The alerts page works in a similar way as the reports, with the advantage that you can receive any notice about price moves directly in your email inbox. This can definitely be considered as a way of automating the reviewing procedure.

Create new alert

To create an alert you simply need to click on the button New alert in the Alerts page.

Filter selection

Alerts can be based on a specific set of products and also on your whole catalog. In the first step to create an alert you can choose between one of these two options. Then you just need to click Next.

Alert setting - Step 1

Store selection

In this step we select retailers or competitors that will be taken into account in the alert or notification. You can click on ‘Take into account all the stores’ if you want all the competitors you are currently tracking to be taken into account. Conversely, if you only want specific competitors to be taken into account, you must select those competitors that are of interest to you for the particular alert.

Alert setting - Step 2

Alert settings

This is the last step in creating the alert. There are several aspects to keep in mind at this point.

Alert setting - Step 3
  1. Receive an e-mail when: In this drop-down menu you can select one of the default criteria according to which the notification will be triggered. It is also possible to customize the criteria.
  2. Reported data: At this point you can decide which price changes will be included in the notification. If you select the first option, the notifications will include all price changes. If you select the second option, you will only receive prices that have changed since the previous notification.
  3. Alert name: Here you can enter the name you want to give to the alert.
  4. Receive e-mails these days of the week: This option allows you to select the days of the week on which you will receive the alert/notification by email. These days will be marked in green.
  5. Who receives the alert: Here you can select which users will receive the alert. If you need to create a new one, you can click on Create user.
  6. Alert Status: Here you can select whether the alert will be active or not. The selected option will turn green.
  7. Finish: Once you click Finish, the alert will be created.

Alert display

You can view all the alerts created from the panel on the alerts page. There you can see the characteristics of each of the alerts: the days it is received, when it was created, the data included and if it is active or not. You can also delete alerts from this panel.

Alert Visualization

The email notification contains the name of the alert and the criteria with which it has been sent, as well as the list of products included in the notification. You can also get to see the price differentials with respect to the competitors you track. You can check the full alert by clicking on the See the complete alert button below.