How to create your feed for Google Shopping

Learn how to create your customized product feed for Google Shopping.

Tutorial video

Watch the following video or read the steps below to learn how to optimize your campaigns for Google Shopping based on the information you receive from netRivals.

Optimize your Google Shopping campaigns

Google Shopping is a price comparison website where potential customers can see the pricing and offers for a specific product provided by several websites in the market. With this information at hand, potential customers can click on those offers that look the most appealing to them.

Each referral click can mean a new purchase, but it also implies a cost of money. That is why, it is important to make sure that we only send into Google Shopping those products for which we can generate a purchase. In order to achieve so, there are many criteria that need to be taken into account and they need to be present in the feed of products that we send to Google Shopping.

Pricing is one of the main criteria to take into account. If you decide to include products that are priced at or below your competitor’s price, those products with higher prices will be excluded from the feed. This makes sense especially in very competitive markets, where having the highest price will not generate a purchase.

Another criterion to take into account is stock. We have to make sure to include products that are in stock so that the potential customer has a chance to click on the product and make an actual purchase.

We must also decide whether we want to include products that have connections. Products where there is at least one connection already provide us with market data. If we decide to include both products with and without connections, we’ll be lacking valuable information on the state of the market.

Tip: It is better to work with products that already have connections, because these already provide us with insights about the market.

The key in generating the feed is to perform a search in netRivals tool including all the criteria mentioned above and gave the report a name. After doing so, from the Reports and Feeds section you can get to see all created reports and feeds displayed there. There’s a data feed associated to every report you make. Moreover, all reports are dynamic, so any product that fits into the criteria set for the report will be automatically included in the feed and, in the same way, those products that no longer or never meet such criteria will be automatically excluded.

Notice: Only products meeting the criteria set in the report will be included in the report/feed.

If you enter this data feed into your Google Merchant account, you’ll be automating the process by only sending the products that match the criteria that you’ve selected in this report.

Help: By generating feeds for Google Shopping, you’ll be optimizing the results in your Google Shopping Campaigns and only paying for the clicks that can actually become a purchase.

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