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Learn more about the Manage Menu in netRivals and the options available in it.

My Catalog

My Catalog Filters

This section offers an overview of the products available in your catalogue. You can filter and view all active products in your feed and those products that have been removed.

Notice: Currently, the information available on this page is more limited because it is under construction. In the future it will contain more functionalities.

Smart Connections

Smart Connections are suggestions for potential matches based on different attributes: title/title similar, photo and reference.

Smart Connections

Title/Title similar

  • When the similarity between titles is 60% – 90%, the potential match between products is referred to as Title similar.
  • When the similarity between such titles is 90% – 100%, then the match is referred to as Title. That is why this sort of match suggestion tends to be so accurate.


  • These are potential matches based on photo similarity.


  • These suggestions for matches are based on similar references other than the EAN code. In situations when identical EAN codes are found, the system matches products automatically, given that this sort of reference is unequivocal.
  • In case any questions arise when reviewing your Smart Connections do not hesitate to contact your netRivals Customer Care specialist.

Smart Connections Discard or Connect

These potential matches come pre-approved. If they are accurate enough, you only need to confirm them and they’ll become proper connections. In case the suggestion is wrong or simply not accurate enough, you can discard them.

Connections Management

Connections management screen

If after reviewing the connections you notice mistakes, you can always delete such connections by selecting specific products or all of them. The Connection Management enables massive connection deleting.

How to delete connections in Connections Management

Help: Always when deleting connections you’ll receive a warning message asking you for confirmation for such action in order to prevent human error.

Connections History

The connections history is a visual way of checking the volume of connections made and who has done such connections. There’s a line-graph to check the evolution of connection-building throughout time. The color coding in this graph consists of two main colors, black and red, used to differentiate the teams responsible for the connections: either the User team or netRivals Team. You can also get to visualize more colors that will represent specific authors/users responsible for a given amount of connections.


To learn more about user management and permissions see the ‘Users and Permissions’ section.

Google Chrome Extension

To learn more about how our Google Chrome extension works, check out the ‘netRivals Chrome Extension’ section.