Manage your connections

Learn how you can modify the connections you have in netRivals.

Tutorial video

Watch the following tutorial video to learn how to manage your netRivals connections. You can also read the steps below to learn how to do it.

Uses of the connection manager

Let’s imagine you want to disconnect many products – lots of them.

For this type of situations you can use the Connections Management functionality in netRivals platform. Within the connection management system you can search, filter and select specific products that you have within your catalog and see all the connections that you have for them. Once you have detected the connections you want to delete for a product you just need to click on them and hit the Delete Connections button. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you really want to delete such connections. This is only aimed at preventing human mistake.

We can go one step further and review groups of connections. So let’s say you want to see all the connections you have with a specific retailer, so you filter by that retailer specifically. From there you can select specific connections or all of them: you can select all connections in a page or you can get to select all the existing connections with that retailer. This will apply to any filtering you’ve made in your search, so if you’ve filtered not by a single retailer, but by any other specific criteria, you’ll be able to select and delete all the connections matching the criteria for that search.

Notice: When deleting multiple connections you’ll be prompted to type the total amount of connections to be deleted. Again, this is the way that the system makes sure no mistake is made.

Thanks to this functionality we can delete huge groups of connections without going through those products one by one. That is why this is a much easier way to manage connections within netRivals.

To learn more about connections and how to manage them check the Manage Menu section in our Help Center.