New Netrivals look

Maximizing data display on each of the pages

We have been working hard to offer you a new look of the tool: clearer, more visual and more intuitive.

netRivals offers now a layout that improves usability by easing up the access to menus and tabs, and by optimizing the amount of data displayed on each of the pages of the platform.

Let’s dig deeper into the main changes concerning our new look.

The new netRivals look

The main menu: vertical and icon-based

Our main menu used to be in horizontal, but now it is vertical and you’ll find it on the left side of your screen. This change allows us to maximize the data displayed on each of the pages. Besides, on the tabs you’ll find now icons that represent each of the points of the menu.


Help: Notice that now on the left top side of the screen, you can get to see the path you’ve taken. This change in the layout visually reminds you of the section you’re in. For instance, in the screenshot below you can see that we accessed the Alerts section from the Price Index menu.

Stores: now more accessible than ever

A new dropdown menu located on the top right side of your screen contains all stores within your netRivals account. Now you can easily search for the store you want to see within Netrivals just by using the search bar available, instead of scrolling down. This change eases up the search process and turns out to be really convenient for customers who have a great amount of stores within the platform.

stores dropdown menu

Searches: more reachable and optimized

The search bar used to be located on the top left side of the screen. Now, it is accessible from the ‘Add filter’ button on netRivals’ main dashboard, which you can find on the top right side of the screen. In addition to the usual dropdown menu, it offers a new functionality: it allows you to directly write specific products, brands, categories or tags. You can now look for products faster and, thus, save time.

add filter button

Besides, we added subcategories, something which allows you to find and filter products faster and more effectively. When you make a search, you will see which filters have been applied in the form of tags at the top of the screen. The functionality also includes a Saved Searches tab, allowing you to find saved searches on netRivals in an accessible and intuitive way.

Categories search menu
open search menu
  1. Saved searches: Check all your saved searches and reports.
  2. Filter: Filter by text/brand/category/tags and favorite products.
  3. Prices: There’s the possibility to select a products according to a specific price range.
  4. Stock: Filter products depending on the status of the stock reported by the retailer.
  5. Retailers: Choose to include all the retailers/competitors you’re following in your search, or only specific ones
  6. Connected Products: Get to see all your products, only products that have already been connected, or only not connected products.

New icons and titles

The old “Prices” tab is now referred to as Price Index. Its symbol is the tag. It includes the same data and has the same subsections, except for Reports and Feed tab, which is included in the Manage Menu, accessible from the gear icon. The dollar icon is now the dynamic pricing tab, the globe icon is the store’s section; and the percentage icon is for conversions tab.

Below the notifications icon, the bell, you’ll see the hat icon that represents the Help Center and by clicking on it you’ll quickly access our Netrivals Help Resources.

  1. Price Index: Visualize prices of rivals connected to your product, ranges of prices, price differences, and export price data.
  2. Dynamic Pricing: Access the Dynamic Pricing section to visualize pricing suggestions made according to your criteria
  3. Conversions: Visualize your main metrics for each product and obtain quality data about your sales.
  4. Stores: Visualize your rivals and the Brand Distribution graph.
  5. Manage: Visualize all products in your catalog, create reports, and export product data in different formats.
  6. Notifications: This panel will notify you any changes related to the tool and your account evolution and improvements.
  7. Help Center: Visit netRivals’ Help Center to solve any doubt about our platform.

We really encourage you to take some time to explore and enjoy the new netRivals interface! Remember that in case you have any questions regarding the new layout, you can always reach your Customer Care specialist. They’ll be happy to help you and show you around!

Final note: We’ll keep updating our Help Center resources in the next days to adapt the information available to the new look of the platform. Meanwhile do not hesitate to contact your Customer Care specialist for any questions you may have.