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How Taurus performs Market Research at a Pricing Level


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Taurus Group is a multi-local business group specializing in meeting the needs of households around the world. The group has the following business lines: small household appliances, professional appliances, household goods and DIY.

It is an expanding group comprising 17 brands and with presence on all continents. In fact, its extensive distribution network allows it to operate in 80 countries.

How Taurus improves its strategy every day

Taurus has become one of the first companies in the small household appliance sector in Spain, through an important process of national and international expansion.

Taurus Group offers solutions to the needs of each consumer in the fields of the small household appliance, the professional appliance, household goods and DIY items.

One of the most important goals of Taurus is to ensure the competitiveness of its brands. Therefore, the use of tools to analyze its state of competitiveness against competitors in the market is a critical factor for the company.

Through the analysis of prices and competitors, Marketing Managers can check the status of their company and products in the market against growing competition and establish whether measures need to be taken to improve the image of their brands from the perspective of consumers.


With accurate and real-time market data, pricing decisions can be made more effectively. This will have an impact on product development and marketing to achieve a better positioning in the sector.

Taurus Expansion
in the world

Subsidiaries, production centers, R & D centers and logistics platforms for 4 different business lines in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Peru, Morocco, China/HK, Brazil, South Africa, France and India.

The problem

Manual research is not an option. Following offers, evolution of prices and competitors’ brands in the market can become a monotonous and tiresome task. What is more, this kind of research is not carried out as often as it is needed. In the same way, following that sort of evolution in a non-automated way involves costs and very inaccurate results.

The solution

With netRivals we are able to follow evolution of prices in the marketplace on a continuous basis.
We decided to rely on this tool to get rid of the tiresomeness and frustration of manual research. The results are precise and critical for the Taurus brand in order to get a more detailed view of the market.

The results

Now we can spend our valuable time and resources on other parts of our business. Doing all that research manually was really tedious and inaccurate. By automating the process with netRivals now we can effectively keep track of price evolution, competing brands, as well as product offers. Now this is an easy task and not a burden for our team.

Pedro Morán  |  Marketing Manager

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