Title modification for Google Shopping on Merchant Center

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Adding a title in Google Shopping is essential since Google Ads doesn’t allow you to choose the keywords for which you want to display your ads. When designing a title, you have several ways to increase the probability that your products will appear according to certain search terms.

Before developing a strategy, we are going to see a basic example of a title modification by a constant and a variable.Let’s imagine you are working for the official store of a football team. The products will appear on their website as “Sports T-shirt Season 2019-2020”. This is a proper title for a product on the website. However, it is not detailed-enough to be added as an ad on Google Shopping, because it does not mention the name of the team, for example. If a user searches this t-shirt on Google Shopping, your ad may not show up because it is not linked to the primary keyword. Besides, here in this example, you should not have all the products on your website as “{title} team XXX”, as it would be absolutely anti-UX. In this case, thus, you should modify the title on Google Merchant Center for the “T-shirt”. By applying this small change, you will show much more relevant information for those users who make a search on Google.

Add search terms in the product’s title

To increase conversions, you should look at the products with the best performance. Sometimes, in similar products, you can see how there are certain terms that show a conversion rate well above average.

Imagine you are analyzing the search terms that activated your ads on Google and suddenly you detect that certain terms have a much higher conversion rate than the average for some specific categories. Following the example of the football team, you find out that the football balloons are sold usually when the title starts with “official balloon”. In this case, the keyword with a higher conversion probability will be “official balloon” as a phrase match.

With this information you will be able to modify the titles of the category “Soccer balls” so that it contains this keyword from the beginning and thus improve the profitability of our articles.

Special events

A lot of e-commerce see their sales increased during certain dates, such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. Both before and during these events, search traffic for these terms increases dramatically. Users use these terms in the hope of finding special prices or offers..

What can you do during these special events? There are some search terms you can use to promote your ads display in Google search engines. To improve your search campaign is very simple, you can even set a countdown for those products’ titles and descriptions by applying dynamic keyword insertion.That means, that the title of your products change according to the event and the searching terms of users. If the title of your product is “red roses”, it will change to “red roses valentine’s day” if the users search for it specifically. This way, you have more chances to increase your CTR and improve the relevance of the results.

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