What Does MSRP Mean?

The meaning of MRSP is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, in other words, the price that producers and brands recommend to merchants and stores. It is a price that takes into account the process and costs of production. The final selling price may change as it is influenced by other factors such as logistics or

Product Review Monitoring, Management and Big Data Analytics

Users’ general perception of a product is one of the most important elements that brands take into account. The quickest way to find out what consumers think about your brand is to look at the reviews and ratings they do on marketplaces such as Amazon. Monitoring reviews allows you, among other things, to control the

How to succeed with my fashion ecommerce

The rise of social networks and new celebrities, the ‘influencers’, has helped establish the fashion sector as one of the most profitable for e-commerce. This fact has led to the creation of many online stores, in addition to the digitization of physical stores such as Zara, Mango or Primark. To sell your fashion accessories such

How to respect the MAP price so as not to devalue a brand

Brands invest a lot of money in advertising and marketing to make sure they identify their product with specific values, such as prestige, differentiation or quality. Apart from using their advertising departments, the sales department is responsible to do a MAP price control. But what is the MAP? Europe vs. USA The acronym MAP stands

How do I control my prices in different ecommerce stores and countries?

Usually, a brand is present in many a country and a large number of e-commerce stores. Thus, a brand manages a significant volume of products at the same time in different channels. If this is your case, controlling the price of all your products can be a harsh, tedious task since you have a large

Successful E-Commerce Sectors

The chance of buying over the internet supposed a considerable change in sales volume for many industries. However, not all of them have benefited the same way from this growth; a few such as fashion or electronics have seen their demand increase considerably in the last years; whereas alimentary industry, for instance, has not boosted

Monitor Your Brand’s Ratings and Reviews

The way to know buyers’ opinions of products has changed considerably in the last decades. Nowadays, brands have the chance even to observe real-time what the rating of their products is thanks to automated monitoring solutions. No one would dare to put into doubt that the internet is one of the most revolutionary inventions of

Must-Have Pricing Tools for Online Marketing

One of the most challenging duties any e-commerce store’s marketing department has to face is defining a well-designed pricing strategy for its products. It is decisive to set prices that are not only attractive to the customers but also competitive inside the market, in particular inside the vertical where your store operates. Defining a pricing

What is Pricing?

Pricing is the term that comprehends the different methodologies to determine the prices of products used by retailers and brands. It is also commonly known as pricing strategy, and companies can apply many different methods to set their prices according to various factors. In e-commerce markets, the optimization of pricing policies is the key to

How to Use a Tool to Track Prices

Both e-commerce store’s owners and brands can take benefit out of price tracking tools. The usage of online monitoring tools is critical when it comes to make more efficient decisions and implement a much proper marketing strategy. On the one hand, retailers can work with online price monitoring tools to compare certain products’ prices and