Master the online market of the pet sector

Throughout the millennia, humanity has enjoyed the company of animals. From the domestication of wolves to ensure survival to the use of animals for therapy, the value of animals to human life is evident. Thanks to the increase in purchasing power and quality of life, a pet sector has developed, which is responsible for providing

How to sell more in the music sector: instruments, audio, accessories,..

Music is an element that has accompanied us for millennia and has been progressing in parallel with humanity: from Ancient Greece to the concert and music festivals, it is clear that it is a necessary part of human life. Over the centuries, an industry has also developed to satisfy the demand of musical consumption, both

How to succeed with my fashion ecommerce

The rise of social networks and new celebrities, the ‘influencers’, has helped establish the fashion sector as one of the most profitable for e-commerce. This fact has led to the creation of many online stores, in addition to the digitization of physical stores such as Zara, Mango or Primark. To sell your fashion accessories such

What pricing strategy are my competitors following?

Designing a price strategy is essential for your e-commerce to succeed. In order to set your prices you can look at the cost of the product, the market or the rivals. A competitor analysis will give you a global vision of your vertical and will allow you to identify pricing patterns of your competitors, so

How to sell more in the toys and games industry

Playing is an inherent characteristic of humanity. With the technological revolution we went from entertainment through toys to another sector: videogames. According to a study done by Newzoo, there are more than 2.2 billion players in the world, which makes it a very demanding industry. Nevertheless, the classic toy option is still a viable business,

Succeed in the online health and wellness retail industry

Just like most of the online markets, it is necessary to analyze the situation of the sector to obtain valuable data that help you understand and improve your digital performance. This is also the case for the health and wellness industry. Making a proper analysis of the health industry can surely help your brand or

Analyze the beauty industry and sell in different countries

The beauty industry is one of the most expanding sectors worldwide, both in brick-and-mortar and online sales, as well as one with the biggest production around the globe. If you have an e-commerce business related to this industry, it is critical to analyze the beauty sector to catch the attention of more potential consumers. Analyzing

How to Succeed in the Online Eyewear Market

Fashion accessories’ industry is undoubtedly one of the most relevant industries in the market. Its wide variety of products, categories and brands, support the success of it. If you are working in such a sector, analyzing the fashion accessories industry is an excellent way to stand out from the vast amount of competitors and increase

How to Succeed in the Sports Industry with an E-Commerce

One of the industries that had very good reception by consumers in the e-commerce business is the sports industry. Due to this good reception among consumers, the number of online stores also increased considerably in the last few years. That is why making a brand tracking can be crucial to differentiate from other competitors. Internet

What Is a Penetration Market Strategy?

Marketing strategies allow companies to develop several tactics for selling a typology of product inside a particular market. There are many possible strategies, all with their pros and cons; but depending on what the goal of the company is, one or another will be implemented. E-commerce stores could benefit from the so-called penetration pricing strategy.