How to get more margin in your product catalog

Two basic concepts must be controlled for every retail store to succeed in its market: profit margin and conversion ratios. These metrics are related and interdependent, meaning that one should not be prioritized over the other. In this guide, we will focus on how to improve the profit margin of your product catalog through different

How to improve the position of your online store in the sporting goods industry

One of the aspects in which physical stores still outperform online stores is the shopping experience: getting into the store, interacting, being able to try the products… With Internet evolution, online stores have managed to reduce the barrier of shopping from anywhere in the world. The ritual of going to a shopping centre has shifted

How to maximize your profits in the e-commerce sporting goods industry

Selling in the sports equipment industry is no easy job. There is a lot of competition and seasonality of products, since a lot of these are heavily linked to a given season-customers tend to buy products in seasons where they can use it, such as skies in winter- or related to major events, such as

When should you change prices on your online store?

Making a price change for products is not an easy task, as it requires a good analysis of the competition and the market. The timing of price changes is almost as important as the process of price change itself, so be sure to take the step. Therefore, it is essential to analyze when to change

Marketing Mix: Price as one of the big P’s

Price is one of the most important variables for the customer when choosing one item over another. At the end of the 1940s, marketing expert Jerome McCarthy introduced the four cornerstones of the Marketing Mix: Price, Product, Place and Promotion. Therefore, in order to design any effective marketing strategy, professionals had to take into account

Dynamic Pricing: Explode Your Profit Margin

One of the keys to the success of e-commerce is the race to get the best price. The different online shops adjust the prices of their products more and more in order to get more market share. In order to beat the competition it is necessary to compare products in order to implement an ideal

Protect your product’s profit margin with dynamic prices

There are three metrics that all e-commerce must follow to be economically viable: the profit margin, the price index and the conversion rate. The profit margin-the metric that indicates the difference between the cost of production and the final selling price of a product-is the most important and sensitive of the three. We never recommend

Reduce costs of the company thanks to the purchasing department

Reducing costs is the primary goal of any purchasing department. Even though getting to optimize and maximize the benefits of your online store is not as easy as it could seem, thanks to monitoring tools and dynamic pricing solutions, you will get to achieve the objectives of your purchasing department and maximize the performance of

How to sell more than my competition by applying dynamic prices

There are many different techniques an e-commerce store can implement to increase sales. Today we will take a look at one in particular: dynamic pricing solutions. A proper pricing strategy to improve profitability Having a properly designed pricing strategy is crucial to enhance the performance of your online store and stand out from the competition

The Relationship between Pricing and Purchasing Department

One of the main duties of the purchasing department of any company is to try to reduce the costs the company has. As every business wants to stay economically profitable, getting to negotiate favorable purchasing costs is the key to minimize costs and, specifically in the case of e-commerce stores, to be more competitive. Pricing