Why Use Retargeting in your Campaigns?

Retargeting is the technique that aims to impact those users that already visited your website before. The use of Retargeting strategies will improve your Google Display Campaigns. The goal of this strategy is to search for those users that showed interest in your products or brand but didn’t end up converting, and make them convert.

What is Prospecting on Google Ads Display For?

Prospecting is a methodology intended for searching new potential users. Thanks to platforms like Google Ads, the prospecting technologies have become way much more accurate and specific, you can now reach a broader amount of potential users and segment new audiences with more accuracy. First of all you need to investigate your vertical by using

How Search Network Works?

Google Ads is an indispensable platform to advertise your articles and reach a wider audience. The advertising tool is an essential service for e-commerce and retailers. Through Google Ads you will be able to maximize your profits and increase the conversion rate of your products. But do you know how to optimize your ads to

3 Types of Search Network Campaigns You Can’t Miss

Google Ads has several different types of campaigns to show your ads. In other posts we have discussed 3 valuable campaigns for your e-commerce. In this post we will deal with another 3 campaigns that are essential for the success of your ad strategies. These are: Search campaigns for competitor traffic, Brand campaigns, RLSA (Remarketing

How to use Google Shopping Campaigns to Beat Competitors

Google Shopping competitors rival each other to get the lowest prices and therefore have the buy box that will bring them more sales for their products. You can use the price comparator to advertise a list of products, from which you should only choose those with the best performance. Choose the product feed Choosing which

Retargeting audiences on Google Shopping, RSLA

Remarketing on Google Shopping is a useful way to reach those users which had previously visited your e-commerce with their mobile devices or computers. The idea is to create an adapted and personalized advertising campaign for those potential consumers who have already browsed your website and who meet certain specific parameters. What is RSLA? Remarketing

Title modification for Google Shopping on Merchant Center

Adding a title in Google Shopping is essential since Google Ads doesn’t allow you to choose the keywords for which you want to display your ads. When designing a title, you have several ways to increase the probability that your products will appear according to certain search terms. Before developing a strategy, we are going

Update your prices daily on Google Shopping

There is nothing better for your business than having a nice, shiny showcase to display your best products. E-commerces have that showcase in the form of an article search engine, within the biggest search tool, Google. Google Shopping apart from being a display window for your products is also a price comparator. Users use it

Differences between Google Shopping and Amazon Ads

Advertising your products is essential to improve your revenues. Setting competitive prices to advertise your products on Google Shopping and get more conversions in your online store is the first step to the success of your business. Since ecommerces lack of shop windows they announce themselves in platforms such as Google Shopping or Amazon. From