How to obtain the maximum return of your ads for your sports online store?

In order to optimize our campaigns we must have clear from the beginning what the KPIs -or Key Performance Indicators are: they are metrics or statistics to define the performance of our campaigns- of our business. While looking at profitability is not the same as analyzing a business model to look at certain types of

How to make the most of the budget you invest in online ads for sporting ads

This guide is adapted to the sports sector. To learn how to launch a complete online advertising strategy for e-commerce visit our White Papers section, there you will find several free resources that will help you achieve success. About the sports industry As we explained in the study on the sports industry, this sector is

How Do You Know How Users Behave On Your Site With Google Analytics

The transition of stores to the Internet has created new opportunities for retailers: analyzing the performance of e-commerce has become a must for retailers. In this sense, the American technology multinational Google, developed in 2005 a software to analyze all aspects of an e-commerce, is what we know as Google Analytics. Site content This report

Google Analytics Key Reports Used by Top Companies You Can’t Miss

Google, with its Google Analytics tool, has helped companies with their free analyses for e-commerce. In this post we will see some of the main reports for setting up audiences in Google Analytics. Before we start with the reports, let’s review the most important metrics we’ll see in this post: Users: are people who access

How to Configure the Analytics Views?

Google Analytics has been helping hundreds of e-commerces since 2005 with its software too see important consumer data such as geographical origin, the device users have used, how they have found your page, etc. To make the most of this tool, you must configure correctly the Analytics Views. The configuration of the analytics view is

How to Structure the Google Analytics Account?

Google Analytics has become a very important partner for both e-commerce and physical stores with an online channel. This web analytics tool created in 2005 allows you to know the trends and behavior of users on your website. When you create an account in Google Analytics, you need to set up at least three major

How and When to Use Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping contains two main subcategories to perform campaigns in: Standard Shopping strategy, where you can only see the search terms that activated your ads. This option is not available on Smart Shopping. Smart Shopping, where dynamic retargeting techniques are employed automatically and mandatorily, as it maximizes conversion value. It’s a two-in-one strategy. Standard Shopping

3 Key Concepts to Create a Google Shopping Campaign

Google Shopping is one of the most used price comparators for many retailers and brands when selling products online: it extends to both users that know you and users that still don’t but are looking for products related to your store. What is Google Shopping? Google Shopping is a type of Google Ads campaign in

Why Use Retargeting in your Campaigns?

Retargeting is the technique that aims to impact those users that already visited your website before. The use of Retargeting strategies will improve your Google Display Campaigns. The goal of this strategy is to search for those users that showed interest in your products or brand but didn’t end up converting, and make them convert.

What is Prospecting on Google Ads Display For?

Prospecting is a methodology intended for searching new potential users. Thanks to platforms like Google Ads, the prospecting technologies have become way much more accurate and specific, you can now reach a broader amount of potential users and segment new audiences with more accuracy. First of all you need to investigate your vertical by using