Amazon Netherlands: A New Key Player in the Dutch Market

Amazon opens its new online marketplace Amazon Netherlands with millions of products for the Dutch customers. Six years after its implementation in the country, Amazon Netherlands is ready to start selling on a large scale. has indeed existed since 2014 in the Netherlands. Still, as from March 2020, you can buy all sorts of

How to Compare Prices in Amazon

If you are running an e-commerce store, it is crucial to make an Amazon price comparison. There is no doubt that this commerce giant is currently one of the most successful digital companies in the world, as its presence has broadened worldwide, and its continuously-upward growth seems unstoppable. In 2017, Amazon shipped over 5 billion

How to Do the Ideal Product Market Research

Product market research will be useful if yoy want to improve your company’s marketing strategy, basing your decisions on the collection and analysis of relevant data to your business. By having the right information, you get more chances of making decisions that have a more positive impact in your daily performance. Nevertheless, such a product

How to Use Competitor Analysis Tools Before Launching Your eCommerce

Whether you are thinking of opening an online store or you already have one, we recommend that you perform an exhaustive market research through competitor analysis tools. Such tools become an asset if your goal is to achieve a good conversion ratio for your future business. However, it may not be easy to identify the