How Price Points can help you maximize profits

Price points are the competitive value of the products resulting from the study of supply and demand behaviour. The price points then represent the amount of goods you would sell at price x. This can be displayed in a graph like the one shown below. In order to get competitive prices for your products, you

What is competitor-based pricing?

As the name suggests, competition-based pricing is a pricing strategy in which a company sets the price for its products after observing the competition. However, this strategy does not cover initial costs and only takes into account the selling price of the rivals’ products. To set the price of a product according to the price

How much does dynamic pricing software cost

There are no absolute terms to set Dynamic Pricing cost, as it will change according to the needs and characteristics of your business, such as the number of markets you want to control, the size of your company or the number of products to be analyzed. The willingness to pay will vary according to the

How much does price monitoring software cost

The cost of price monitoring is a variable attribute, as it will change according to the needs and characteristics of your company. Gathering all the information about competitors’ products (price, stock availability, etc.) manually is impossible, it would mean a huge expense in human and economic resources for your business, that is why there are

Set the best price for my products: Pricing

One of the most important issues when designing an effective marketing plan is pricing. This idea was defined by the American economist Kent Monroe as “the art and science of understanding how much a customer would be willing to pay for a product or service, trying to get the most out of it”. In order

Automatic price monitoring

In order to get a global picture of the market in which you operate, it is necessary to do a price tracking of the competition in those similar and/or identical products that both you and your rivals offer. Monitoring the prices of your rivals manually means a great investment of time and money, since tracking

How to set the prices of an e-commerce

One of the most complicated tasks in business is to set a sales value for your products. Monitoring prices of similar items is an important step towards establishing an optimal pricing strategy. There are several factors when determining a price, these can be internal such as the cost of the product or external as the

Price tracking to increase sales

Price tracking tools let you obtain powerful and valuable data for your e-commerce as well as improving your competitiveness level inside your vertical. Why should I monitor online prices? Actually, despite the results of many annual reports about the continued upward trend to buy over the internet, it is not easy to own an e-commerce