Is the purchase department of your sports online store struggling with their theoretical margin?

To improve the performance of your online business it is essential to carry out studies both internally and on the competition and the market; we must remember the competitiveness in the sports goods sector, in which you are operating. These analyses will mark your competitive position and give you a better understanding of how your

Price Skimming: What you need to know

Price skimming is a pricing strategy used by business which consists of establishing an initial high price for a product in order to lower that price over time and reach more portions of the market. This strategy is primarily used in the technology or video game sectors. To understand the mechanics of this strategy it

Price Escalation: How to overcome it

Cost escalation is the increase in expenditure that occurs when a product is exported to a foreign market, because there are now export-related expenses such as tariffs, increased distribution costs, etc. If you want to expand your commerce to international markets you must take into account the cost escalation as well as adapt to the

How much does price intelligence software cost

The cost of price intelligence has a value that is undoubtedly affordable for any company or business that wants to succeed in the sector. This, however, can vary, always according to the needs of your business (if it has more than one sales channel, operates in different countries, etc.) or the size of your business.

Data science for pricing optimization

Today we hear about data science as a breakthrough concept that has been established in society and day-to-day life: from the construction of political discourses to elite sport, where teams have a data analytics team to improve performance on the field. Commerce is no exception, and uses data science for pricing. Retailers use data analysis

Set the best price for my products: Pricing

One of the most important issues when designing an effective marketing plan is pricing. This idea was defined by the American economist Kent Monroe as “the art and science of understanding how much a customer would be willing to pay for a product or service, trying to get the most out of it”. In order

What can I achieve by using Price Intelligence in my online store?

Knowing the influence that market prices have on users’ purchasing decisions and how this can affect your store is known as Price Intelligence. This knowledge is acquired through price analysis of your competition within your vertical, and allows you to adapt to any market situation. How does it works? The software automatically traces and matches

How to maintain price parity with your competitors

Price intelligence is a tool that, thanks to the study of the competition’s prices, gives you a global vision of your vertical and consequently, an advantage over your rivals. Often competitors can have products at a lower price than the one you have in your e-commerce. In those cases you can apply price intelligence as

Beat your competition with Price Intelligence tools

To make your ecommerce successful it is necessary to know where your product is positioned in the market. In this case, to spy on the prices of your competitors is necessary in order to implement the right price strategy. The most important factor for the consumer when choosing a product is the cost of it,

Make your e-commerce profitable with Price Intelligence

Price Intelligence solutions will help you understand the behaviour of your market thanks to competitor’s monitoring and products’ repricing by using optimization tools. In the first place, what is price intelligence? It can be defined as an analysis methodology that studies the impact of the market’s behaviour on final consumers’ purchasing decisions and, as a