Netrivals’ Chrome Extension
for Price Tracking

Get a detailed analysis of prices from any web page with our Netrivals’ Chrome extension.
Connect or disconnect products from your catalogue and follow new sellers.

Obtain detailed information of your product

Browse your sellers’ web and discover the evolution of their prices. The extension shows, in an intuitive way, the retailers that are positioned over or below the minimum prices of your catalogue.

Obtain a better overview of the distribution channels, detect inaccuracies and take more informed decisions.

Connect your products

Browse your sellers’ web and connect the products that you have not captured yet. Once the connection is created, you will be able to see detailed updates about its positioning when compared to the rest of your sellers.

You can also disconnect all of the products that are no longer in your catalogue or that you are simply not interested in following.

Add new sellers

Browse the website of the stores that you are not following yet and add them to your list. Once added you’ll be able to connect or disconnect the rival products that interest you the most and see their price evolution. This will allow your business to be more competitive in the online market since the information obtained can help you take better decisions. 

Netrivals' Chrome Extension

This Netrivals extension can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. In order to add it to the browser you will only need to click the + Add to Chrome button. Once added, you’ll be able to review the websites of your rivals.