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With Netrivals Discovery we will show you up-to-date market data for the products in your catalog

How does Netrivals Pricing Software work?

Create different price strategies across products and brands.
Netrivals automatically optimize your prices based on your pricing rules.

Connect your ecommerce

Upload your products information

Identify Competitors

Netrivals matches your products with other retailers

Data Collection

Full overview of your competitors’ products

Data visualisation

Analyzed data in intuitive dashboard

Companies that trust Netrivals

E-commerce has undergone an express growth as result of the pandemic. The increasing online competition is the main challenge for brands and retailers. At Netrivals we are specialists in data and price intelligence. Your trusted partner with more than 300 clients in 25 countries and 800 million products from 35K websites and marketplaces monitored every day.

What does the plan include?

Market analysis

Perform a first analysis of the market and your products with our big data, Discovery.

Advice on how to monitor competition without dying in the attempt

Talk to one of our Netrivals consultants and define the best strategy based on your market, products and available resources.

Access to a real Netrivals environment

View your tracked products across up to 5 competitors, Google Shopping and Amazon.

Google Shopping Feed Optimization

Learn how to improve your shopping campaigns with Netrivals

Unassisted monitoring

Learn how to create stock and price alerts based on your monitoring criteria.

Netrivals is the pricing software with most data in the market. With a service of expert consultants in hundreds of pricing strategy projects, we help brands and retailers to increase their sales conversion, guarantee their margins and maintain their reputation in the market.

Happy since the first day

Hiring Netrivals was a revolution for our repricing system. It provided us with improvements well above those expected with an easy and fluid communication that allowed us to integrate the software very quickly despite the large number of products in our catalog.
Dani V.

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