The pricing software with most data on the market

More than 2,500 ecommerce professionals from different sectors use our pricing software to be more competitive in their pricing strategy. Every day we provide real time data on more than 900M products.

What makes us different from other pricing softwares?

Our Big Data

Netrivals is leader in online product data recollection and processing. We monitor + 900M products, + 31K websites and 268 marketplaces.

Industry Experts

We work with more than 300 clients from multiple industries in 27 different countries.

The best AI matching system

75% of online products do not have EAN or GTIN. Our algorithms are capable of breaking this barrier and identifying any product online.


For Retailers

Competitor Monitoring

Get a global vision of the market, both at price and product attribute level, and lead the game.

Dynamic Pricing

Reprice smartly and start increasing your e-commerce's conversions.

Google Shopping Price Monitoring

Create and organize campaigns based on the competitive status of the market.

Amazon Rival Sellers' Real-Time Tracker

A powerful set of tools to track product price changes across sellers on Amazon.

For Brands

Online Product Analysis

Track price evolution of your products on both sellers' sites and marketplaces.

Ratings and Reviews

Estimate your products' value by analyzing prices and product ratings and reviews.

Control of Stock Availability

Find out whether stock availability has changed across distribution channels.

Amazon Sellers' Real-Time Analysis

Assess who is distributing your products on marketplaces and comparison shopping engines.

How TradeInn accelerated its sales growth with the Netrivals software
“The truth is that we chose Netrivals for many reasons. It is a precise and reliable platform, with added values ​​such as the support we receive from the Customer Success team, which has helped us understand the full potential of the tool. In fact, this is how we have managed to accelerate our sales growth by up to 60%, as well as reduce CAC by 25%. "
David Martin
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Identify the points of improvement that your ecommerce faces.

Discover the specific features of the software that will help you improve your pricing strategy.

Evaluate the improvement that your ecommerce could experience using our technology.

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