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With Dynamic Pricing you will be able to grow your business
adjusting the prices on the fly in response to market demand.
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What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing is a pricing strategy that consists of automatically adapting
the prices of your products based
 on a set of predefined rules that respect your profit margin.

This is also known as dynamic price optimization.

dynamic pricing

The key to save time, money and increase
your ecommerce conversions  

What can you do with Netrivals Dynamic Pricing?

You can also achieve...

Saving worked hours

Gross Margin

Additional Revenue

Increase CVR

Uplift net revenue

Why should you choose Netrivals?

Our Big Data

Netrivals is the leader in online product data collection and processing. We monitor +900M products, +31K websites and 268 marketplaces.

Industry experts

We work with over 300 clients across multiple industries in 27 countries.

Best AI matching system

75% of online products have no EAN or GTIN. Our algorithms are able to break this barrier and identify any product online.

This is how users rate Netrivals Software

MeQuedoUno’s opinion

“We have been focusing on adjusting prices according to market state in order to maximize our profits and making it possible for our customers to buy at competitive prices. Through the tool, we have also been able to insert large quantities of products in our store without having to analyze them one by one. This has saved us time which we can now spend in other tasks which also require our attention.”

Javier Trias
Online Marketing Manager

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