Use your competitor's data to increase your sales

You will be able to see the prices of their products, available stock, the price history of your competitors and much more in an easy and intuitive control panel.

Meet with us and in 30 minutes we will show you the Netrivals software in action with real data about your own products.

How does competitor price monitoring work?

Create a pricing strategy based on your competitors prices to have the best offers. Steps to follow:

Choose your competitors

Select the competitors you want to monitor

Control your margin

Protect your minimum profit margins.

Stock control

Look at the stock status of your competitors and exclude those whose products are out of stock.

Pricing strategy

Apply your pricing strategy to a type of product, brand or category.

Set price rules

Create your price rules and let the Netrivals software do the rest of the work.

How TradeInn accelerated its sales growth with the Netrivals software
“The truth is that we chose Netrivals for many reasons. It is a precise and reliable platform, with added values ​​such as the support we receive from the Customer Success team, which has helped us understand the full potential of the tool. In fact, this is how we have managed to accelerate our sales growth by up to 60%, as well as reduce CAC by 25%. "
David Martin
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If you have 30 minutes you can see the Netrivals Software in action with your own data.