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Offer the right price at the right time

Netrivals’ repricing solution allows you to automatically adjust the price of your catalogue so that you always have the best price guaranteed, neither too expensive nor too cheap. 

Apart from taking your competitor’s prices into account, our repricing tool also considers aspects such as purchasing costs, current demand volume or product availability in stock.

Why do you need Netrival's Repricing solution?

Optimize your prices

Maximize the conversion rate of your digital store

Save time and money on defining and applying your repricing strategies

In most of the verticals, prices change quite quickly throughout the week or even throughout one single day. That is why it is so important to have an online price tracker that helps you automate the monitoring process!

Why should you choose Netrivals?

Our Big Data

Netrivals is the leader in online product data collection and processing. We monitor +900M products, +31K websites and 268 marketplaces.

Industry experts

We work with over 300 clients across multiple industries in 27 countries.

Best AI matching system

75% of online products have no EAN or GTIN. Our algorithms are able to break this barrier and identify any product online.

This is how users rate Netrivals Software

TradeInn’s opinion

The truth is that we chose netRivals for many reasons: it is accurate, reliable, and we received comprehensive training on the tool from their customer success team before, during and after its implementation, and this is something that has been very valuable for us to find the full potential of the tool. In fact, this is how we have achieved to accelerate growth in sales up to 60%, as well as reducing our customer acquisition costs by 25%.

David Martín

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