Price Analytics: Transforming Your Daily Pricing Management

Transforming and optimizing your daily pricing management Consumers judge products with similar characteristics by the price that retailers sell them for. A significant competition exists in today’s markets, and this makes it essential for online stores to obtain a detailed perspective on their positioning through price analytics. The importance of price analytics “The flexible solution

reasons to use price intelligence
Top 7 Reasons to Use the Price Intelligence Software

Why retailers need the price intelligence software Information on competitors’ prices becomes crucial when checking product positioning and performance in the market. In this respect, the price intelligence software is an indispensable tool to keep abreast with prices and make the right pricing decisions that will allow you to stay ahead of competition. 01 Benchmarking

3 Major Pricing Strategies: A Short Guide

Marketing process and price setting Price setting is part of the marketing process and it requires an in-depth market reasearch. The right price can generate more sales while the wrong one can make potential customers look elsewhere. Let’s have a look at the most common pricing strategies. In this short guide we approach the three major