Fashion Industry Analysis

Netrivals provides a complete analysis of the fashion accessories sector by monitoring prices,
stock and promotions of millions of products in the market.

Overview of the fashion accessories sector

Fashion is one of the most profitable markets in the world and comprises a wide variety of products for men, women and children. However, the markets in this industry are changing and seasonally based, causing small production cycles.

Strong demand has contributed to increased competition and the emergence of major players. The constantly changing product portfolio makes it difficult to monitor prices in these competitors, and for that reason Netrivals is an optimal solution for day-to-day pricing management.

A sector in constant evolution

Younger segments of the population buy different clothes each season and stop using clothes from previous seasons. In the case of accessories such as watches or scarves, these changes are not as frequent.

Price as the decisive factor

As we have just mentioned, buyers renew their wardrobe from time to time. The price is a factor to take into account since many times the end user is guided by it, bearing in mind that that garment will last them between one and three years and they will have to buy more in a certain time.

The brand as a differential feature

The brand is a decisive factor when choosing a certain product. In the past it was usual to choose a product according to the quality of the material, but today the brand or manufacturer of the product is very much taken into account.

Top brands in fashion accessories

Glasses and watches are two of the markets with the greatest growth potential in the fashion industry. In fact, consumer demand is quite high, which has led to the emergence of a greater number of competitors. In this sense, Netrivals offers brands and ecommerce businesses a complete analysis of the fashion accessories sector to obtain a more detailed view of the market.

Both sectors cover both the low and high end of the market. In the latter, flagship brands such as Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Gucci, Seiko and Fossil stand out as industry leaders.


Netrivals’ systems follow and update daily the prices of +400M products from +30K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace. Netrivals’ Big Data includes information on products of these and other brands in the industry to evaluate their evolution in terms of prices, stock and promotions.