Price history testimonial

Don’t lose track of what’s happening on your competitors’ websites. Netrivals’ Price History Testimonial allows you to get screenshots of what’s happening with any of your competitors’ e-commerce products every three hours.

What is the Price history testimonial module?

Our Snapshots viewer is the functionality associated with the Price History Testimonial module that will help you capture the price status of competing products every 3 hours on a daily basis, in every competing online store, not just Google Shopping and Amazon.

The Price History Testimonial module is directly associated with Market Research’s Netrivals module. Both are the perfect combination to achieve a global vision of what happens in the main rival ecommerce sites and their respective product assortments, not only on Google Shopping and Amazon.

What can you get with
Netrivals' Price History Testimonial?

  • Improve your conversations with brands.
  • Share screenshots of products on competing sites to show the price status of a product on that site on a specific day and time.
  • Save time for your purchasing team.
  • Prove brands that you are not the first to lower your prices.
  • Detect those competitors that are being more aggressive in their pricing strategy.

How it works?

Netrivals gathers product data in an automated way. Sites are scanned multiple times per day,
so that you can check real and updated product information in the online market.

Scan Data

Netrivals system scans multiples sites (direct web, Google Shopping, Marketplaces, etc.)

Collect Data

Data collected has to do with all kinds of product attributes (images, stock, etc.) that go beyond pricing.

Lever Data

Data collected is used within BI dashboards and multiple other types of analytics.


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