Building your databases

Add Netrivals to your own data sets. All Business Intelligence tools allow you to merge different data sources, such as Finance, Marketing and/or CRM databases.

For Example!

Through more complete and detailed product databases, with key market information, you can access any type of data that is relevant to your business and visualize it in the way that works best for you.

Enhance the use of your Business Intelligence tool and optimize costs by insight. Thanks to the access to a greater amount of data of different types you can help extend the use of your BI tool to other teams in your company and help your team be more data oriented.

Netrivals puts a wealth of data about the actual state of products in the online marketplace at your fingertips. This is high quality and valuable information that will allow you to analyze in a deeper way the changes in the state of the products in distribution channels and marketplaces. Start evaluating the real value of your products on the market now.

Connect Netrivals to your frequently used BI tool and improve your data visualization. Make the most of your KPIs by adding data from other competitors in the market and generate dashboards with your own look and feel.

Data Availability

Netrivals provides you with a wealth of useful market information. We build the databases so that you can maximize them through Business Intelligence.

Data based on the top-sellers: monitored products, classification of the best-sellers, etc.

Data based on competitors: number of products, average prices, available ratings and reviews, product information (details)

Data based on product variant: price dispersion by product variant, etc.

Data based on date and category: filter data and charts by categories and dates

Creation of alerts: notifications based on any relevance criteria These can include: new products included in the TOP100, products with more ratings, products with increased or decreased rating, among others.

Data accessible from a single place

No matter how much or how diverse the information is. Netrivals collects all the data for you and makes sure you can get the most out of it from your Business Intelligence tool.