Custom Exports of Product Data

Netrivals collects all the critical market data you need to succeed in the current competitive
scenario and lets you choose to export the custom exports of product data.

There are multiple ways of working with data collected within our tool

 Netrivals offers filters with which you can segment your catalog according to several parameters. Likewise, you can further segment information thanks to custom labels. This will allow you to run different strategies for each product group. In the same way, you can segment by specific retailers, product categories, and so on. But, what are the options you have to export all this relevant data?

Custom exports of product data and reports

Netrivals allows you to explore your products using several filters. Category-based or filter-based searches can be saved in the form of reports. What is more, these reports can be exported directly from Netrivals in the following formats: CSV, Excel and via API rest.

Nevertheless, if the pre-defined ways of exporting data do not totally suit your analytical needs or it is not comprehensive enough to trigger actions from your side, we’ve got you covered. From Netrivals we have created a system of custom exports that allow us to adapt to the export that you need. The amazing thing about this feature is that each private export is adapted to the specific needs of each of our customers.