MAP price software & MSRP Monitoring

Many times the sellers of our products enter a price war, making it more probable for them to sell your product below the recommended public sale price. When the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) is not respected, our products can be devalued in the eyes of the final consumer. With Netrivals MAP pricing software and MSRP monitoring tool you can see the prices at which the sellers are selling your products.

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Get to know the prices of the sellers from their direct web

The Netrivals software has a monitoring system that helps to analyze the evolution of the prices of your products in different stores and countries. On the one hand, you can check the global behavior of your products, that is, how prices evolve in the market compared to your MSRP and MAP using the MAP pricing software tool and the MSRP monitoring system. On the other hand, you can analyze specific products of certain sellers and belonging to specific categories.

MSRP monitoring software

The platform intuitively displays those sellers above and below the minimum prices for your catalog. Get a more complete view of distribution channels, detect inconsistencies and make better-informed decisions.

Know the seller's stock availability from their direct web

In addition to knowing the price at which your products are being sold, you can know when they are sold out and create sales strategies for all the products in your catalog.


Unauthorized distributors

With Netrivals you can find out who is selling your products in price comparators such as Google Shopping or Idealo and in marketplaces such as Amazon. We will provide you with a list of these and the prices at which they are selling it.

Monitor all countries

With Netrivals you can monitor, apart from all the marketplaces you want, all the countries in which you want to see your products.

Notification System

This system has been designed to send email notifications when price changes occur under certain criteria. The data obtained can be saved as reports in the following formats: XML, HTML, CSV and Excel.

The alert notification function allows you to check how the price has evolved from the suggested price to the actual market price. This helps you assess the negative impact certain prices can have on your brand equity and provides the basis for developing strategies to avoid lost revenue. In the same way, with Netrivals you can carry out a competitive benchmark price  that helps you evaluate your place in the market.

Add products easily with our browser extension

With Netrivals you will have an extension with which you can navigate through different e-commerce and link sellers and products with your catalog. When you enter the online store you will see the sellers who have that product and the prices at which they sell it.