Google shopping repricer

With Google Shopping monitoring module by Netrivals make the most of your Google Shopping campaigns budget. Netrivals ensures the optimization of Google Shopping through comprehensive analysis of market prices, dynamic pricing functions and the possibilities of creating and structuring campaigns based on market competitiveness. Having the best price on Google Shopping will almost guarantee you the Amazon Buy Box, with which you will increase your visibility, the conversion rate and the ROAS (return on advertising investment) of your product.

Make your next move with Google Shopping monitoring

With Google price tracker, you can see the products with which you are the more expensive option, the cheaper one or equal to the market average. It also allows you to set price rules and set prices manually from the same platform to always maintain your prices within your profit margin. If you appear as one of the most expensive providers on Google Shopping, you may lose visibility because it is very likely that you do not have the Buy Box. This can result in not getting the best results in traffic and therefore you will have little chance of conversion and a lower return on investment.

Netrivals offers you filters that allow you to segment your catalog according to various criteria. In the same way, through the Google Shopping repricer you will be able to know whether or not you have the best price on the platform, with which you will be able to set different price strategies for each group. In addition, the Google Shopping monitoring tool will permit you to carry out amazon price tracking. When using Amazon price tracking you will have the opportunity to see all of your rivals prices and see where your product stands in the market. 

Dynamic feed creation

Netrivals gives you the possibility to create data feeds that are both dynamically and updated. Every time there is a price change you will see it on your feed thanks to the Google Shopping monitoring tool. It is not necessary to update the feed from your CMS each time changes are made, since with Netrivals you can create URLs that are updated each time it is accessed. As long as Google collects data with the Google Shopping monitoring tool, it will be updated and Merchant Center will not reject your products for having misinformed prices. With this you will be able to better visualize the products of the competition and in the same way use the Google price tracker in a more easier and effective way.

Supported E-commerce Platforms

Netrivals integration with e-commerce platforms is a seamless process. Price changes are sent speeding up your reaction capacity and helping you define a more dynamic pricing strategy.


Google Shopping is an online platform that displays a list of retailers and e-commerce stores that want to promote sales campaigns to increase conversions.

Google Shopping works as a display for retailers and e-commerce with a CPC included. It redistributes customers to retailers’ websites.

It is crucial to be properly positioned on Google Shopping. The better positioned, the more sales opportunities you are going to have.

First of all, you need to choose your products selection and upload it on Google Merchant Center. By controlling your main metrics you can have a better positioning and increase sales opportunities.

Uploading products on Google Shopping is simple but may take a lot of time. Using automate tools to synchronize your catalog on Google Shopping is a fast and efficient solution that will keep your products’ prices updated.

You need to improve your competitiveness by controlling the three main metrics of an e-commerce store: price index, profit margin and conversion rate. It will improve your positioning and make you more visible for customers.