Amazon Ratings and Reviews Analyzer

Discover the opinion that consumers have regarding your brand and products with the Netrivals solution, Amazon Ratings and Reviews Analyzer. Create a better brand and product strategy thanks to the real insights of your consumers.

How can Amazon ratings and reviews analyzer benefit your brand?​

With Netrivals’ Amazon ratings and reviews analyzer, the data is captured directly from Amazon, the marketplace with the highest number of product searches and where users around the world provide opinions and ratings of millions of products. Netrivals collects all this data for you, so that you can access it from a single platform.

Image and Reputation

Improve your brand's image and reputation

More attractive

Make your products more attractive for your consumer

New Markets

find opportunities in new markets


Improve your SEO/SEM strategies

Prevent crisis

Netrivals helps you prevent crisis

Better your conversions

Reach your KPYs by bettering your conversions

Data collection of product ratings and reviews

Our Amazon ratings and reviews analyzer has one of the best systems for capturing product data, since it’s not only limited to the number of reviews and ratings given by users. Netrivals goes one step further, we collect the actual text of the product’s opinion so that you do not miss any detail. While the number of ratings and opinions allows you to know how many users have tried your product, the real text allows you to analyze their comments, suggestions and ideas and be able to make changes to your product. You will be able to see the effect of the changes through our module first-mover testimonial which updates the data every 3 hours.

Amazon Ratings and Reviews Main Features

Products Performance

See how your score is actually doing. See your ratings average, the amount of products in your feed and the products that have no comment.

Product list

Here you will be able to see each product's score and comments with keywords that identify each of them.


Read in one place all that has been said about your products and improve your product strategies.


Compare your products ratings and your brands overall average score with that of your competitors.


Set up and personalize your notifications and get notified of any changes concerning your ratings and reviews.