Compatibility with your BI Tool

We have taken everything into account so that you can visualize the data from your frequently used BI tool. Netrivals’ technology framework is simple and robust to ensure compatibility with BI tools and make it easy for users to interact with the data.

If you have a Data or Business Intelligence department, you will easily connect the data source to your BI tool, such as Tableau or QlikSense. If you don’t have an actual BI department, our solution will give you the opportunity to view the CSV content provided using Excel (or any other spreadsheet tool, such as Google Sheets or LibreOffice).

Netrivals monitors and retrieves data related to different marketplaces and e-commerces for companies at the enterprise level that want to enhance the visualization of data in their BI tools.

How we connect with your BI tool

Netrivals ensures compatibility with your most common BI tool through a robust technology framework:

Supported Platforms

All BI tools have the same purpose: to visualize and interact with large amounts of data.  Netrivals connects directly to the most frequently used tools:

  • Power BI
  • Qlik
  • Tableau
  • Data Studio
  • Sisense

Netrivals captures information for the technical team and data experts, facilitating their connection to the platform and allowing them to access the most critical data for their business. The information collected by Netrivals makes it possible to generate customized dashboards, tables and graphics necessary for the interpretation and management of data in your company. The BI functionality is independent of SaaS and is closely related to the use of the API.


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