First-mover testimonial

Do not miss anything that happens in the distribution channels. At Netrivals we provide you with visual testimony of what happens to your products in any e-commerce every 3 hours through our system of screenshots with our first-mover testimonial module.

What is the First-mover Testimonial module?

Our screen capture system or snapshots viewer is the functionality associated with the First-mover testimonial module that will help you capture the status of your brand’s products in distribution channels every 3 hours on a daily and automatic basis, in each online store that sells your products, not just Google Shopping and Amazon.

The First-mover testimonial module is directly associated with the Netrivals Market Research  module. Both are the perfect combination to get a complete picture of what is happening in the market: in the main e-commerce sites and in their respective product assortments, not only in Google Shopping and Amazon. However, it is also important to be able to visualize the different marketplaces, so we recommend monitoring the competition on Amazon and thus obtaining a more complete picture of the market.

What can you get with the
Netrivals First-mover testimonial?

Complete market overview

First-mover testimonial is very important. However, another great way to get an advantage over your competition is to know what is being said about your brand. It is extremely important to have a complete vision of the market and therefore the monitoring of product opinions is essential, Netrivals Ratings & Reviews Analyzer will help you obtain all this information. With this, you will be able to have a more accurate and real image of your brand in the market and make better decisions that can really take you to the next level and help you accomplish your conversion objective.