Repricer Software for successful repricing strategies

Know the prices at which your competitors are selling the products that you also sell and develop strategies based on this information. Set price rules based on the level of competitiveness of your products and the market position they are in and get the BuyBox. Increase your sales from today.

Monitor your competitors

Get to know the price at which your competitors sell their products along with their stock availability.

With Netrivals you can obtain advanced reports on both your competitiveness on Amazon, as well as your competitors’ positioning.

Advanced repricer

Unlike most repricers on the market, Netivals offers you the possibility to lower prices and also to increase the price of the product. For example, if we are in a price war with two competitors who are out of stock, why continue selling the product with such a tight margin?

Boost margin and sales

Upload your catalog to Netrivals. Include your cost prices and start developing pricing strategies focused on safeguarding your margin or that ensure no big profit loss. Use all the tools provided to set up repricing rules based on competitiveness and profit margin.

How it works?

Netrivals gathers product data in an automated way. Sites are scanned multiple times per day,
so that you can check real and updated product information in the online market.

Scan Data

Netrivals system scans multiples sites (direct web, Google Shopping, Marketplaces, etc.)

Collect Data

Data collected has to do with all kinds of product attributes (images, stock, etc.) that go beyond pricing.

Lever Data

Data collected is used within BI dashboards and multiple other types of analytics.