Repricer Software for successful repricing strategies

Increase your sales starting today with the Netrivals repricing software. Know the prices of your competitors and develop a repricing strategy based on the information obtained. Establish pricing rules based on the level of competitiveness of the product and its positioning in the market and beat your competitors.

Monitor your competitors from a single place

Know the price at which your competitors sell their products and the stock they have at their disposal. Reprice any of your products to make them more competitive in the market with a repricing tool.

You can use the Netrivals competitor price monitoring software to get advanced price monitoring reports from the competition both from their website and from Amazon. This will give you the data you need to make better decisions.

Repricing software for your ecommerce

Unlike most repricing software for e-commerce, Netivals offers the possibility of lowering and increasing prices with the dynamic pricing optimization tool for e-commerce. Making your repricing strategy manageable.

Maintain your desired margin and increase sales

Load your catalog to Netrivals repricing software with your cost prices and you can carry out your repricing strategy based on controlling your margin. Set the pricing rules according to competitiveness and profit margin to make sure you always sell at the right price.

Optimize your e-commerce prices with repricing

The Netrivals repricing tool allows you to automatically adjust the price of the products in your catalog so that you always have the best price guaranteed, neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Thanks to the set of repricing rules, you will be able to increase the sales volume of your e-commerce as well as improve the rotation of those products that previously did not have an attractive price for your customers. Another benefit of the market repricer is that it will give you the advantage you need to make your e-commerce more competitive and have a greater chance of winning the famous Amazon Buy Box.