Music Industry Analysis

Netrivals performs a comprehensive analysis of the music sector by monitoring prices,
stock and promotions of millions of products in ecommerce catalogs.

Overview of the music sector

The musical instrument sales sector was one of the longest to go digital. Although it is true that in many cases advice is needed to customize an instrument, the vast majority of sales can be made online only by providing the technical information well detailed.

Online buyers of musical instruments

Two buyer profiles can be clearly differentiated: the novice and the expert. For the latter it is necessary to write the web contents in a very different way. For the novice it is necessary to show the benefits and comparative advantage of one instrument with another. For the expert it is necessary to show the more technical information the better.

Prices in the sector

The price dispersion in this sector is quite remarkable, from small low price items to guitar models that can reach $18000. Besides, in most cases, we are talking about big sellers with very competitive pricing strategies. In Europe, this is the case of Thomann, one of the strongest players.

Monitoring of top brands in the music sector

Netrivals’ price intelligence platform contains data on products from leading brands such as Boss, Marshall, Fender, Ibanez, Takamine, Gibson, Shure and Audio-Technica, among many others. The data collected by the platform is intuitively displayed to provide brands and ecommerce with a complete analysis of the music sector.

Our systems track and update daily data for these products in different categories: wind instruments, audio equipment, amplifiers and dj equipment, accessories, percussion instruments, orchestral instruments, guitars, keyboards and pianos.

Music sector analysis by country

It is well known that in northern Europe, for example, it is more common for children to learn to play instruments and classical music is more integrated into the culture than in southern and eastern European countries. Even so, within the volume of consumption there are also quite remarkable discrepancies between neighbouring countries, so when carrying out market studies it is essential to take into account the cultural differences of these countries. 

Netrivals’ systems follow and update daily the prices of +400M products from +30K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace.