Empowering Business Intelligence

Merge Netrivals’ data with any of your company’s data. You can combine the information collected by Netrivals with data
related to any of your business areas or departments: Sales, Finance, CRM and Data Science.

Increase the quality and quantity of data and metrics you get from your Business Intelligence tool. Go one step further and make the most of your KPIs by adding data from other competitors in the market and generate dashboards with your own look and feel.

Netrivals monitors and retrieves data related to different marketplaces and e-commerces for companies at the enterprise level that want to enhance the visualization of data in their BI tools.

Netrivals makes it possible for technical and data experts to connect directly to the information that is most relevant to them and that has been collected by our platform. Therefore, Netrivals becomes a powerful ally that allows them to create customized dashboards, tables and graphs (and any other view they may need) to generate value for their business. This feature is independent of the SaaS itself and is closely related to the use of the API.

Design how you want to visualize the data

Download the data collected, already treated and normalized by Netrivals and enhance its use:

How we Collect Information

Netrivals connects directly to the most common BI tools.