Amazon price tracking

Netrivals allows you to see your rivals’ products and prices on Amazon with the Amazon price monitoring module. This gives you the ability to track price changes and discover the strategy that your competitor is applying and therefore optimize your own Amazon pricing strategy. Our Amazon price tracking software will make you aware of the variations in the cost of your competition’s products so that you do not miss online sales opportunities and you can meet your goals and objectives.

What can you achieve with...

Amazon Price Tracking?


Get a complete picture of your rivals by using the Amazon price monitoring module. track your competition based on the aspects that matter most to your e-commerce business. Use our Amazon price tracking software to have a better idea of ​​where your company is positioned and generate an Amazon pricing strategy that fits your goals.

Competitive Ranking

Develop strategies so that you can appear on the first page of search results. Aim for the ranking of the best sellers.

Stock Availability

Make sure to use stock availability at your own advantage.

Shipping Costs

Consider rivals’ shipping costs for competitiveness. Remember that most shoppers reconsider their purchase when discovering the shipping cost.

Early Detection of
Competitors on Amazon

Check who you are competing against and detect the Buy Box winner.

Price Tracking

Evaluate the evolution of the price of the products with which you compete and react in time to the price changes of rival sellers.

Have a map of your competitors and their situation

In addition to making use of Amazon price tracking, you can also use the online competitor price tracking tool in addition to the Google Shopping monitoring software. This will help you develop a better Amazon pricing strategy.