Stock Monitoring Software

Analyze the assortment of products and product availability in the online stores of your choice. Use the stock monitoring software to detect each change in product availability directly from their websites, not just from Amazon and Google Shopping.

Control of stock availability and visualization

Do not lose sight of the stock availability  of your products in the different e-commerce of your choice with Netrivals stock monitoring tool. Decide which online stores you would like to track your products at and set up alerts to receive timely notifications about the current availability of your products from monitored online retailers.

The Stock monitoring software can increase your sales and those of your selected e-commerce thanks to the fact that the product will always be available to the end customer. Therefore, the buyer will never have to search for a similar product within your competition’s catalog and will continue with their purchase in their chosen online store.

Go beyond Amazon and Google Shopping

Thanks to Netrivals algorithms and our direct data capture systems on the web, you can be informed of the stock status and market prices of your products even if they are not advertised on Amazon or Google Shopping. Netrivals frequently analyzes both the website of your retailers and the marketplaces in which they may be selling your products. You can see all of the information obtained with our stock monitoring tool. This will allow you to have a more complete view of your online sellers and your products in their online stores.

Go one step further and use a distribution Channel Analysis to have the entire picture of your product in the market and therefore be able to offer more stock on to different retailers according to the information gathered.

Create notifications and do not lose control of your products with our stock monitoring software

Get an accurate and real-time picture of the performance of your products in selected retailers worldwide. Thanks to our stock alert system which is part of our stock monitoring software, you will be able to control the availability of your products in the different authorized e-commerce stores and easily know if the online stores that you are currently tracking have run out of stock of your product.

This will allow you to contact them to ensure more sales to the distributor and thus obtain the best results in terms of conversions. You can also use our stock monitoring tool to see how much stock the retailer has at any given time, which will give you the opportunity to offer them more product before they run out of stock. By doing this, the online store will be able to continue selling your merchandise and satisfy the final customer. This is one of the big reasons why having a stock monitoring software is beneficial for both retailers and brands.