Stock Monitoring Software

Analyze product assortment and stock availability across e-tailers of your choice.
Detect every availability change directly from their websites, not only on Amazon and Google Shopping.

Visualize stock availability

Do not lose track of your products’ stock availability across each of the e-commerce sites of your choice. Decide which are the online stores that you’d like to track and set-up alerts to receive timely notifications on your products current availability across monitored online retailers.

Go beyond Amazon and Google Shopping

Thanks to Netrivals’ algorithms and our direct web data capture systems, you can be informed of your products’ stock availability status even if they are not being advertised on Amazon or Google Shopping.

Create notifications and never lose track of changes in the availability of your products

Get an accurate and real-time picture of how your products perform in terms of stock availability. Thanks to our system of stock alerts you can easily find out whether online stores you are currently tracking have run out of stock.