Direct Web vs Marketplaces

Netrivals is a powerful ally of e-commerces and brands when it comes to capturing and analyzing online product information. With Netrivals you can monitor Direct Web vs Marketplaces. 

There are four solid pillars on which data collection is based: direct web, Google Shopping, aggregators, and multiple marketplaces. But what makes the difference between Netrivals and other tools in the market?

Netrivals differs from other online product analysis tools because it goes one step further and is not limited to product monitoring on the marketplace, but also on the Direct Web.

What is so beneficial about this? This type of data capture provides our clients with a real vision of the market and is not limited to those products promoted on the marketplace. 

Don’t lose sight of the availability of stock among different retailers, even if the latter are not advertising specific products that they do sell on their direct website. 

By collecting data via web direct, Netrivals users can assess who is selling products online, and detect price differences much more quickly and efficiently. 


Direct Web vs Marketplaces which is better?

Below, we show the benefits of data collection via Direct Web versus data collection based only on Marketplaces:

Direct Web