Health and Wellness
Industry Analysis

Netrivals performs analysis of the health and personal care sector by tracking prices,
stock and promotions on millions of products from ecommerce catalogs.

Global vision of the health
& personal care sector

Consumers today are very concerned about their health and expect to find products that are good value for money. Offering detailed information about their price and characteristics becomes indispensable for businesses that wish to achieve greater transparency.

Specification of product characteristics

One strategy commonly used by industry brands is to bring out certain aspects of the product that they actually share with all their competitors. For example, there are many types of skin dryness creams. There are some that are specific for the hands, others for the face, others for the feet… and at a processing level they do not make much difference and could be used in many cases for all areas of the body.

Price as the decisive factor

Brands, manufacturers and retailers need to find ways to differentiate themselves and grow as few brands match a large market share. We have to ask ourselves, why will they buy this cream from us and not from our competitor if the brand is the same? It is well known that price is the main factor that the average Internet user takes into account when placing an order online.

Average online buyer

Since buying these products on the Internet the user cannot try them out or see them in person, one strategy used is “unboxing” and videos about the product in general. There are brands that even use public figures and influencers but in many cases the user just wants to see what the product looks like inside and a simple video is enough to give the push users need to buy.

Analyzing the health & personal care sector by country

This sector is very broad so in order to study it it should be divided into product families and, of course, countries. For example, it does not make sense to carry out a market study for sunscreen creams treating Mediterranean and Nordic countries equally.


Netrivals’ systems track and update daily the prices of +400M products from +30K stores in more than 50 countries to facilitate pricing analysis in different categories of the e-marketplace.

Monitoring of top brands in health & personal care

Netrivals’ Big Data includes products from established brands such as L’Oréal, Olay, Garnier and Nivea in the following categories: diet and nutrition, bath and personal hygiene, wellness, hair care, baby and child care, oral care, intimate hygiene, sex and sensuality, and shaving and hair removal. Data on pricing in each of the categories are captured for the health and personal care sector analysis.

Our systems scan the products of thousands of vendors in these categories globally on a daily basis to find catalog matches that will speed up the process of tracking prices and stock in competing stores.